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Bus Accidents

North Georgia Bus Accidents Lawyers

Bus travel is a popular form of transportation for people of all ages. Unfortunately, because of driver negligence, accidents often occur and can cause serious injury to both the passengers on the bus and the passengers in the other vehicle.

Think you have a case?

Most bus accident claims are filed against a negligent driver, company, manufacturer, the city or county in which the accident took place, or a combination of them. At Leibel Law, we have experience handling a variety of bus accident cases. Our team has recovered compensation from negligent drivers for driving under the influence, falling asleep at the wheel, speeding, reckless driving, texting while driving, running through a stop sign, and running a red light. We have settled with bus companies and manufacturers for failing to properly train a bus driver, failing to check that the bus driver had proper driving credentials, neglecting to regularly inspect the bus for defects, and failing to maintain, repair or replace defective bus parts. Our attorneys have also recovered compensation from the city or county government for not repairing hazardous road conditions, leaving defective or broken traffic signs or signals unfixed, and for failing to display warning signs. We have represented those riding on a bus when the accident occurred, as well as those in another vehicle that collided with a bus. 

What do I need to know?

1 - Your medical condition: Seek appropriate medical attention immediately. Many injuries and their symptoms do not show up right away, so you must be thoroughly examined.

2 - Your evidence: Always call the police and gather information, as there could be important evidence at the scene that needs to be preserved. Examples include photos of vehicle damage and debris, videos of witnesses providing statements, photos of skid marks indicating speeding, and photos of the positioning of the vehicle. It’s also important to note any useful information including how fast you were going, where the accident took place, who you were with, what the weather was like, descriptions of the road and traffic conditions, the full names, addresses, and phone numbers of passengers, witnesses, and drivers, insurance information from other drivers involved, and any other details you can remember. Do not give recorded statements to the other party’s insurance company or investigator without having your law firm involved.

3 - Your position: Answer all appropriate questions pertaining to your loss. Did you have to take off work a few weeks to recover? Are you now permanently disabled? Did you have to change jobs? Have you endured prolonged physical pain? Did you lose a loved one? The answers to these questions will help in building your case. Even if you are unsure if the accident was your fault, it is important not to admit guilt until an attorney investigates your case.

How can you help me?

If you were involved in a bus accident in North Georgia and consequently sustained an injury, we can help you pursue and obtain fair compensation for your injuries.

What should I do now?

Get in touch with one of our skilled, compassionate lawyers for a free consultation. We’re ready to help!

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