Extensive Trial Experience

Seasoned North Georgia Personal Injury Attorney

One of the most important aspects of winning a personal injury lawsuit or claim is your lawyer’s ability to effectively present evidence and demonstrate a strong case on your behalf in the courtroom. Due to his more than three decades of trial experience, North Georgia Personal Injury Attorney Steven Leibel understands the best strategies for proving the facts behind your case, such as the other party’s fault, the seriousness of your injuries and the amount of financial compensation to which you are entitled.

The seasoned legal professional has presented numerous hours of courtroom evidence to juries since he finished law school at Emory Law and passed the bar in 1980. In fact, he has even taught trial techniques to students of Emory Law, and he has also taught members of the State Bar of Georgia about evidence and damages.

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This seasoned lawyer has actually proven his legal abilities over and over again through the handling of his own trial cases. Mr. Leibel reached a record verdict for the largest wrongful death case, as well as a record for punitive damages. The lawyer has received verdicts and settlements in the million-dollar range, which shows that he is capable of obtaining substantial results for those he represents. In addition to presenting convincing evidence before juries, Attorney Leibel is also able to do the same before other parties involved in your case, such as mediators and claims adjusters.

Competitive Edge in Your Case

By hiring a litigator who is so experienced, you can give your case the competitive edge that is needed to increase your chances of reaching full compensation. Insurance companies and big corporations will often try to use sneaky tactics to pay you a lower amount than you deserve, or to even avoid paying you altogether. Mr. Leibel understands how the claims and trial process works inside and out, and he is fully knowledgeable about how to deal with obstacles the opposition might try to leave in your path.

Make sure you are fully protected by working with a legal advocate who has the trial experience you need. Contact Leibel Law immediately so we can begin assisting you!