Georgia Mother Wants to Learn to Walk Again Following Crash

Georgia Mother Wants to Learn to Walk Again Following Crash

A Gwinnett County mother of two is determined to learn to walk again following a crash that left her with a broken neck and spinal cord injury.

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Tanisha Harris reportedly spends hours each week at Project Walk Atlanta in Alpharetta, working hard with clinical exercise physiologist and program director Tony Davenport, according to an article by FOX-5 News.

“Tanisha is a motivated person,” Davenport tells FOX-5.  “She’s someone I love to work with because she’s no nonsense. You come in.  Let’s get started. What are we doing next?”

Tanisha has been working hard since August 25, 2015, the day of the crash. Tanisha was busy raising her daughter and son and was an inspiring model at that time. She had just landed a modeling job earlier in the day and went out with her cousin to purchase an outfit to wear.

“They were pulling out onto a road, her cousin behind the wheel, when they were hit,” the article reads. “I just remember turning and then I blanked out,” Tanisha says.

Their car was reportedly slammed hard from behind. Tanisha says she doesn’t even remember getting hit. The next thing after the crash she does remember is being transported by the ambulance. The impact had broken Tanisha’s neck and left her with a C6 spinal cord injury.

“From here down, I was numb,” she told FOX-5, gesturing at her neck. Surgeons fused 3 vertebrae in Tanisha’s neck to stabilize her spine and she spent months in the hospital, having to re-learn everything she lost in the wreck.”

While her injuries were severe, the good news was that her spinal cord wasn’t severed, meaning there was a chance for recovery.

“After a stay at Shepherd Center, Tanisha wanted to keep pushing herself, to see how far she could take her recovery,” the article reads. “So, in May of 2016, she joined Project Walk Atlanta, which offers intense exercise-based recovery programs, education, and support to improve the quality of life for people with spinal cord injuries.”

Soon, Tanisha and Tony were making progress.

Together the two are working to strengthen her core muscles, build her endurance and improve her balance. Slowly, but surely, Tanisha has been relearning how to stand up, first with Davenport’s help, now on her own.

“The goal is to stimulate millions of neural pathways her brain uses to tell her muscles to move, to stand, to walk,” the article reads. “It takes a lot of courage, it takes a lot of faith,” she says.  “It takes a lot of dedication, but I’ve got it. I’ve survived.”

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