One Injured, Suspect Apprehended in Forsyth Hit and Run

One Injured, Suspect Apprehended in Forsyth Hit and Run

A driver suspected of fleeing the scene of a Forsyth County accident that injured one person has been arrested by authorities, Forsyth County News reports.

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The suspect, 51-year-old Forsyth resident Rosa Vidal-Osorio, was cited in a two vehicle collision that occurred on Atlanta Highway in the southern part of the county around 8:30 p.m. on September 10.

The other vehicle contained a male driver and his wife, who was transported to a nearby hospital with unspecified injuries.

According to police, Osorio left the scene on foot before deputies arrived. The husband of the victim told a responding deputy he saw the suspect, who he described as a “petite Hispanic female,” leave her car and head towards a nearby home.

Under the driver’s seat of the suspect’s vehicle, the deputy located a purse which contained identification information belonging to Osorio.

The deputy then went to the front door of the home and asked if anyone was home. The man who answered the door told him there was not.

Deputies soon located Osorio behind a truck on the house’s property. When confronted, the woman identified herself to law enforcement. Osorio reportedly spoke little English but was able to indicate she had consumed three beers at the time of the wreck.

She was charged with hit and run, driving under the influence, failure to yield, and driving without a license. In Georgia, a hit and run causing serious injury is a felony punishable by one to five years in prison.

There have been no reports regarding Osorio’s bond.

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