Over Labor Day Weekend, Accidents Occur Across Forsyth County

Over Labor Day Weekend, Accidents Occur Across Forsyth County

The long weekend is over for Forsyth County, and while that means back to school and work for most residents, local law enforcement is left to deal with the numerous wrecks that occurred over the holiday weekend.

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Forsyth County News reports the weekend resulted in 41 car accidents, five of which caused injuries to those involved, though Forsyth County Sheriff’s Deputy Epifanio Rodriguez reports none of the injuries caused by the wrecks are life-threatening.

As many as four of the crashes may be attributed to driving under the influence, as authorities arrested four individuals for DUI between Friday and Monday. It is unknown if any of those DUI cases were responsible for injuries that occurred.

In addition to incidents on the roads, at least three people were injured in boating accidents on Lake Lanier. One of the accidents is being attributed to alcohol, and none of the injuries are life-threatening.

In addition, seven arrests were made for boating under the influence over the weekend, according to Georgia Department of Natural Resources spokesman Mark McKinnon.

In total, the number of accidents this Labor Day weekend are lower than previous years. Both McKinnon and Rodriguez claim arrests this year are down compared to last year.

The three-day weekend is often a dangerous time for drivers across the country. Data from the National Security Council shows over 350 people have died in car crashes each Labor Day weekend since 2009, including 362 in 2014, the latest year on record.

These accidents triggered insurance claims according to Steven Leibel, a North Georgia Superlawyer in personal injury. “After an accident there are numerous steps that injured persons and there families must undertake. Notifying insurance companies and adjusting property claims just starts the process.”


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