McDonald’s Recalls Children’s Toy after Reports of Burns, Injuries

McDonald’s Recalls Children’s Toy after Reports of Burns, Injuries

The latest move by McDonald’s to promote physical activity and healthy living to its young customers has apparently backfired.

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Food Beast reports that the fast food chain has recalled 29 million electronic fitness bands that were given out as Happy Meal toys across the U.S. after receiving over 70 reports of injuries caused by the toy.

McDonald’s recalled the item on Tuesday, stating on its website that the company is “aggressively investigating the issue” and asking parents with children who received the wrist band to immediately return it in exchange for another toy, a tube of yogurt, or a bag of apple slices.

According to Arstechnica, the bands came in two different forms: one a step counter and the other a device that indicates how fast the wearer is moving with multi-colored lights. Both have been reported to cause skin irritation and, in at least seven cases, burns resulting in blisters.

The same day as the burger chain announced its recall, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, an agency of the federal government, issued a warning to consumers regarding the product.

According to the product warning, the wristbands were manufactured in China, though further details about the make of the devices are unavailable.

CPSC Chairman Elliot Kayne advised parents to “act now” in returning defective wristbands as to prevent any further child injuries.

The recall is the largest one in McDonald’s history, surpassing a 2010 incident in which it recalled Shrek drinking cups that were coated in paint containing the toxic metal cadmium.

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