Elderly Man in Hospital after Motorcycle Wreck

Elderly Man in Hospital after Motorcycle Wreck

A 69-year-old man is in the intensive care unit after crashing his motorcycle in northeastern Forsyth County Saturday evening.

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Forsyth County News reports that the motorcyclist, an unidentified man from Cumming, was riding on Browns Bridge Road near Lake Lanier at approximately 10:22 p.m. when he lost control of his vehicle while navigating a curve.

The motorcycle went off the road and down an embankment, where the driver was thrown from the vehicle, according to Forsyth County sheriff’s deputy Epifanio Rodriguez.

The man was taken from the scene to Northeast Georgia Medical Center in Gainesville, where he is currently in the ICU listed as “critical condition.” His exact injuries are unknown.

It is unknown whether or not the driver was wearing a helmet at the time of the wreck. A helmet is required when operating a motorcycle in Georgia.

The bike was the only vehicle involved in the incident. After ejecting the driver, the motorcycle slid across Cains Cove Road before stopping just short of Highway 369.

No other vehicles were involved in the accident.

Law enforcement is currently looking into the accident to determine a cause.

There are over 200,000 motorcycles on the road in Georgia, the Office of Highway Safety reports. In 2012, the last year on record, 134 deadly motorcycle accidents occurred on Georgia roads.

In 2014, the Insurance Information Institute determined riders not wearing helmets made up neatly 40 percent of those killed in motorcycle wrecks.

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