During Busy Weekend on Lake Lanier, One Seriously Injured in BUI Incident

During Busy Weekend on Lake Lanier, One Seriously Injured in BUI Incident

Over the July 4th weekend, a boating incident involving alcohol on Lake Lanier sent one man to the hospital and caused another to be arrested and charged with boating under the influence.

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According to Forsyth County News, Alpharetta police officer Christopher James Harrison of Cumming was charged in the singe boat incident that sent Josh Akins to the hospital Saturday evening.

Many details of the accident are not clear, though WDUN reports that it occurred near Young Deer Creek at approximately 6 p.m.

Akins’ exact injuries are unknown, as is his current condition.

The Georgia Department of Natural Resources, which initially responded to the incident, is in charge of the investigation and is still looking into the crash. DNR Public Affairs Officer Mark McKinnon told WDUN that a report on the crash would not be ready “for a few months.”

Harrison was released from jail Sunday morning after posting his $2,750 bond.

The Alpharetta Department of Public Safety declined to comment on the situation besides that Harrison was on military leave from the department at the time of the incident.

The accident was one of eight that DNR officers responded to on Lake Lanier over the Fourth of July weekend. Ten other injuries were reported and ten BUI citations were given out.

Overall, it was a busy weekend for water authorities in Georgia. 43 BUI arrests were made across the state, up from the 32 recorded last Independence Day weekend.

McKinnon attributes the increase in danger seen on waterfronts over the holiday to increased traffic and alcohol.

“It makes our guys a little nervous, when you get a lot of boats concentrated in a small area watching the fireworks, and then sometimes you add alcohol to that equation, and then of course it’s dark,” he told WDUN.

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