Law Enforcement Cracks Down on Forsyth Businesses Selling Alcohol to Minors

Law Enforcement Cracks Down on Forsyth Businesses Selling Alcohol to Minors

Forsyth County sheriff’s deputies cited eight businesses for providing alcohol to minors Tuesday night.

According to its Facebook page, the citations were a result of the Forsyth County Sheriff’s Office’s Underage Alcohol Sales Operation, in which deputies visited and monitored thirty different locations. At eight locations, deputies witnessed employees selling alcohol to underage individuals.

The establishments cited varied from grocery stores to gas stations. Four of these locations were in Cumming, three were in Suwanee, and one was in Alpharetta.

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The eight employees were cited for providing alcohol to a minor. In Georgia, this is a misdemeanor that carries a fine between 500 and 1,000 dollars. In addition, an individual may receive up to twelve months in jail.

One business, Ducktown BP on Canton Highway in Cumming, was also cited for selling alcohol without a permit, WDUN reports.

Though the employees were cited, the employers could face repercussions as well. According to the Forsyth County Code of Ordinances, selling alcoholic beverages to underage persons can result in a business losing its alcohol license for up to thirty days for a first offense.

In regards to the operation, the Forsyth County Sheriff’s Office states, “These operations are part of our continued efforts to reduce underage alcohol consumption and prevent traffic fatalities involving our young people.”

Underage drinking is a prevalent issue in Georgia. State reports estimate that about twenty-three percent of Georgians between the ages of 12 and 20 consume alcohol on a monthly basis. In addition, ten percent of traffic fatalities in the state involving drivers under the age of 21 are alcohol related.

So far, no drinking and driving related deaths have occurred in Cumming in 2016.

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